Dr. Amaryllis Pascual, MD hair transplant doctor

Dr. Amaryllis Pascual, MD

Cosmetic Surgeon and Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr. Amaryllis Pascual has vast experience in hair restoration surgery and is widely recognized for her skill and precision in the field. She concentrates on hair loss as well as other cosmetic procedures and has performed hair transplant on hundreds of patients. She is dedicated to the ideal of striving for outstanding results in every patient suffering from hair loss and accomplishing so with professional integrity.

Dr. Pascual is known in South Florida and all over the nation for helping patients reach their cosmetic goals and achieving the most natural results. She received her M.D. degree from the St. Louis University School of Medicine, completed her medical training at the well-known Cleveland Clinic, practicing medicine for over a decade and entering the field of hair restoration years later. She was fascinated with hair restoration and became a leading specialist.

With countless of hair transplant cases completed successfully, Dr. Pascual stands among the few hair specialists in the nation who can claim remarkable talent in modern hair restoration techniques. Her training in aesthetic surgery guides her creation of a flawless hairline, beard, eyebrows, and other targeted areas. She employs a team of skilled specialists for every single procedure.

Pascual also has other medical skills. Featured on the popular TV shows, she challenged patients to lose up to 100 pounds in a reality TV show that showcased the benefits of diet and exercise. Her custom plans helped many patients to complete a remarkable weight loss transformation in just a short amount of time.

In a culture with unpredictable hairstyling, hair products, tools, and other non-surgical approaches to hair loss, many patients feel they won’t be able to reach their aesthetic goals. Dr. Pascual and her highly personal staff can deliver the results you are looking for through advanced FUE surgery. She is aware that the addition of hair is not the primary issue but rather the artistic redistribution of hair from naturally stable zones to more depleted areas that are visually noticeable. By utilizing her techniques on many successful hair transplant cases, she has proven hair transplant surgery is so far the most effective hair loss solution yielding results that will last a lifetime.