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Browsing through so many hair restoration products can be overwhelming for most people. Yet you must continue your search, as there is always an option that’s right for you. Some patients may prefer the natural look, and convenience human hair wigs offer them and the chance the scalp has to breathe. If you don’t want to deal with surgical hair restoration or manmade hair extensions, a wig might be the perfect solution for you.

At Care4hair, we provide our patients with the kind of tools that make it possible to go beyond the shame of going bald to restoring the comfort they can enjoy in their daily lives once they use our products. We have become a favorite hair provider for South Florida and hoped our products can help you restore your confidence as well.

The idea behind our wigs is to give you restored hair that’s beautiful, comfortable, and safe. We have a reputation for having the choicest wigs available. This article gives you some inside about the stunning styles we offer and how they can make a difference in the lives of many man and women suffering from hair loss.

Wigs by Care4hair

*European hair* $2,800 - Starting price, depending on the length you pick.

$1400 - Includes hairpiece, haircut, and hairstyle.

We offer these services to patients that:

- Don’t qualify for a hair transplant (after an evaluation with a hair specialist)

For more information, please contact us at (305) 262-6070

Wigs for cancer and hair loss patients

Cancer or any other life-threatening disease can be physically and emotionally challenging to deal with even when you have the right support system. Cancer patients have to deal with a variety of side effects from chemotherapy, including hair loss in the area been treated. Radiation in the head may cause patients to lose most of the hair in the head, including the eyebrows and lashes.

Choosing the right wig for hair loss is a vital step for cancer patients. Patients are advised to cut their hair before they begin chemotherapy that way they are prepared for the stages of hair loss. It’s important you consult your hairdresser or a wig expert to figure out which product is right for you. We are here to make you feel more beautiful and confident.

When selecting a wig for a cancer patient, you want to make sure you pick a wig that resembles their natural hair so that the transformation feels more comfortable. Also, keep in mind that the skin tends to pale so you should not choose a wig that highlights the apparent change in skin tone. The wig should be at least a shade lighter than your natural hair color. Be patient as it takes some time to get comfortable in your new cancer wig.

A wig is a great accessory that comes in handy during the healing process. It’s a personal journey, and we want to make sure you are satisfied with the headpiece you pick. It will help you boost your confidence and make the cancer journey more bearable. Fortunately, many insurance companies will cover the cost of your wig, but you must first consult your doctor.

About the hairstylist

As a leading hair stylist for over three decades, Gilberto has plenty of experience and a peculiar set of skills he has acquired throughout his career. He has taught at many world-renown salons about his specialized techniques and mentored novice hairstylists who enjoy a successful career today. Whether you are a cancer patient, suffering from alopecia, or simply want a new hairstyle, he will do his very best to make you look stunning and surpass your expectations.

Choosing a wig: Synthetic vs. Human Hair

When it comes to purchasing a wig, most people desire a natural look, something that blends in perfectly with their natural hair. Synthetic wigs are more affordable than human hair wigs and also easier to maintain, but they can get a bit hot and uncomfortable. They are a quick and durable alternative, heat-friendly, and the fibers feel like natural hair, but they aren’t good in the long run.

Human hair wigs, on the other hand, can be styled the way you want, but they require more upkeep, and feel heavy. You can cut, style, and apply heat to human hair wigs. These wigs look like real hair, so nobody will know it’s a wig. They can also last two to three times longer than synthetic wigs, but they are more expensive and may become frizzy, limp or dry based on the weather. It’s important you consult a hair specialist before attempting to style them.

Human hair wigs can be processed or unprocessed while synthetic wigs can be Remy or Non-Remy. Let’s find out about the differences between them:

  • Unprocessed hair – This is an excellent option if you would like to color your hair to match it to your natural hair. It also lasts longer than processed hair. It’s softer and more manageable. While this option can be more costly, it is a good investment considering its naturalness and durability.
  • Processed hair – This hair has been chemically treated with the advantage of being colored and treated in any way the manufacturer wants. However, the hair is heavily processed and it’s not very durable as it can start to tangle after a few washes.
  • Remy hair – The hair goes through a tedious process to keep its integrity. Remy hair looks healthier and shinier, and it will feel great even after washing it multiple times. It can last a year or two and still look amazing.
  • Non-Remy hair – This hair is more affordable, but it’s over processed making it less durable and easier to get damaged. The shiny and healthy look will come off after the hair is washed.

Several wig styles for your new look

Wigs are trending a lot these days. From celebrities, workingwomen, housewives, to anybody suffering from hair loss or looking for a hairstyle alternative, anybody can benefit from this beauty investment. But how do you know which wig to pick? The most common types of wigs sold these days include:

  • Monofilament wig – This wig is made from nylon or polyester with strands of hair hand tied into a mash.
  • Capless wig – This wig doesn’t use a cap so it has lace strips instead, which makes it feel lighter.
  • Human hair wig – The most natural-looking wig so far, which can be styled, dyed, and cut just like your natural hair. However, it requires more maintenance.
  • Lace wig – This full wig has lace at the front, which helps the hair fall effortlessly giving the wig a more natural look.
  • Vacuum wig – This wig is customized based on your needs. The exact shape of your head is taken with a mold so it fits your head perfectly, without being too tight or loose.