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Dr Eric Valladares

Dr. Eric Valladares

hair transplant surgeon

  • Dr. Valladares is recognized for the excellence of his work. Many patients come to his consultation and are satisfied with the result of Dr. Valladares.  
  • EXPERIENCE: 20 Years
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  • PHONE: (305) 262-6070




Dr. Eric Valladares is a surgeon specializing in general surgery in Miami, Florida, with other offices in Hialeah, FL, and Miami, FL. He is affiliated with Coral Gables Hospital. He received his degree from Howard University School of Medicine and has been practicing for over 20 years.

In addition, Dr. Valladares has also been linked throughout his career to the practice of procedures related to aesthetics. Such as weight control programs and hair restoration procedures, with the purpose of helping his patients to improve their appearance to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Today, Dr. Valladares is focused on attending with extreme dedication and care to each of the patients who come into his office. Many of them express their special gift as a surgeon and as a person.

In addition to having a complete command of English, Dr. Valladares also speaks French.


Interior Designer, Illustrator


Photographer, Designer


Interior Designer, Illustrator


Photographer, Interior Designer

interior sketch
3D Modeling
2D Planning


  • Medical: MD from Howard University School of Medicine
  • Postgraduate: Residence. General Surgery, Howard University Hospital.

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