Care4Hair performs countless hair transplants every week. While we are accustomed to these procedures, we know you might not be. This page is for you to see what we do and how we do it. Scroll down to watch videos of real patients undergoing NeoGraft hair transplants, ARTAS hair transplants, DHI hair transplants, and more!



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Neograft Hair Transplant Steps

Neograft hair restoration is a process that involves three main steps: the follicular unit extraction from donor areas using the Neograft system, selecting and preparing follicular unit for the implantation, the creation of the recipient sites and placement of the hair graft individually on the patient scalp. Watch in this video how this process is done at our clinic.

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Using local anesthesia in Neograft hair transplant

A hair transplant with Neograft system is performed using local anesthesia for the follicular unit extraction and implantation. This minimally invasive technique for the hair transplant is an advanced solution with almost no discomfort or risks and great results. In this video, Dr. Pascual shows us how is the anesthesia injection process on the patient scalp before a hair transplant procedure at Care4Hair.

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Hair Follicles Implantation

Neograft hair transplant is an advanced system to extract follicular units with a high level of precision and achieve great results in hair implantation with no scars or risks. Watch in this video to Dr. Pascual performing the follicles implantation in a Neograft hair transplant procedure.

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Neograft Hair Restoration

Neograft hair transplant is one of the latest technologies for hair transplant which use FUE technique for hair harvest with a high level of follicular unit graft survival and precision on hair implantation. In this video, you can watch the different steps involved in a hair transplant procedure using Neograft system and what are its main advantages when is done by the right hair transplant doctor.

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Robotic Hair Transplant ARTAS®

In this video, we’re able to see the newest robotic technology in hair restoration, ARTAS. ARTAS uses a precise and accurate HD stereoscopic vision system that allows surgeons to harvest hair follicles more efficiently by identifying healthy hair follicles. It also allows for faster implantation and is minimally invasive. This means that patients can have a quick procedure with minimal recovery time. Watch how the revolutionary ARTAS system at Care4Hair works!

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Tips before and after hair transplant

In this video, Care4Hair Coordinator Daisy Garcia gives patients some tips before and after a hair restoration procedure. Daisy tells patients to avoid aspirin and prescription pain killers ten days before the procedure. She reminds patients how they need to be mindful of what they’re doing after the surgery since it could affect the treatment results. Daisy reminds patients to avoid staying out of the sun, the pool, the beach, lifting heavy objects, bending their heads forward, not wearing headwear (hats or beanies) for the first 30 days after the procedure.

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DHI Hair Transplant

In this video, patients get a walk-through of a DHI (direct hair implantation) hair transplant procedure at Care4Hair. A DHI hair transplant is a type of FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure method where a surgeon uses a pen-like tool to simultaneously create the new pores and implant them into the patient’s scalp. This video shows the complete process of a DHI procedure, from the design of the new hairline to the implantation process. 

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The Procedure at Care4Hair

In this video, Care4Hair Coordinator Daisy Garcia gives patients a rundown of a hair transplant procedure from the day before the procedure to the end. Daisy tells patients that they have to be at the clinic the day before surgery for an EKG and to get clearance from the doctor. On the day of the procedure, patients will be assisted through the two parts of the surgery: part one, where the hair follicles are removed from the donor site, and part two, where the hair follicles are transplanted to fit the new hairline. In between parts one and two of the procedure, patients will be given a break and lunch.


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Care4Hair is honored to have changed the lives of many patients who once struggled with hair loss. Not only did we restore hairlines, beards, and eyebrows, but revived the confidence in our patients and lifelong friends. Listen to their testimonials and view their results now!
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