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Hair Restoration By The Best

Care4Hair provides patients suffering from unwanted hair loss with safe and affordable hair transplant methods that yield natural-looking and permanent results. Our team is equipped to transform the sparse or bald regions of your scalp, eyebrows, and beard to their fullest capacity. They will evaluate your condition in a private consultation and recommend the best procedural techniques and technologies to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Our certified hair transplant specialists have guided hundreds of local and out-of-town patients through their hair restoration journeys, restoring their hairlines and reviving their confidence once more!

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What Set Us Apart?

Care4Hair’s mission is to restore hairlines and revive confidence in patients struggling with hair loss. We aim to provide every one of our patients a comfortable, safe, and affordable hair transplant procedure that yields permanent results.

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Not only does Care4Hair envision new, healthy hair on patients affected by hair loss, but we make it happen every day. We ensure that heredity, stress, disease, or trauma do not dictate what you see when you look in the mirror.

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Care4Hair operates with transparency and only recommends the procedures that best benefit you. Our certified hair specialists have maintained lifelong relationships with clients by demonstrating excellence, integrity, and unparalleled precision.

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Modern Technologies

Cutting-Edge Hair Loss Solutions

The Care4Hair clinic offers state-of-the-art treatments to restore scalp hair, eyebrows, and beards. Among the varied technologies in our Miami clinic are the:

We employ the most advanced hair transplant methods and technologies so that our patients have comprehensive restoration options to choose from. Our techniques and equipment are specially selected to produce the thickest and most natural-looking hair possible. Care4Hair consistently delivers a comfortable hair transplantation experience that yields lasting results for your satisfaction in the end.

ARTAS y NeoGraft
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Meet Our Skilled Team

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Meet Our Skilled Team

Manuel S. Mendizabal
[ Surgeon ]
Lorayne Enriquez
[ APRN ]
Marianela Lopez
[ APRN ]

What Patients Say

"Definitely I am super happy with my results. I was kind of nervous because they evaluate me online for 1800 follicles and Miami was a new place for me but I received an excellent service. I even changed my mind to get more follicles and they talked to the doctors and to the manager of the clinic and she approved it. So it was an amazing experience. I recommend this place 100 percent."
Oli R
"In my first visit I was impressed how clean the place is. Secondly, everybody was extremely nice. The day of my procedure, they were very organized. Overall, I had a very nice experience. Now, waiting for the results."
Patrick Pereyra
"You will never fake the feeling of being in such a place. The live minimalism base on the natural materials & alive unprocessed."
Anna Paulina
Client of Company
"You will never fake the feeling of being in such a place. The live minimalism base on the natural materials & alive unprocessed."
Pablo Gusterio
Client of Company
Hair Transplant Surgery and Restoration

Hair loss is a disorder affecting millions of men and women all over the world. At Care4Hair, we offer treatment for hair loss that’s mild or severe, regardless of the factors that caused this condition. Our welcoming, patient-focused approach is shown throughout our services and compassionate care. Our leading-edge NeoGraft hair transplant results demonstrate our surgical expertise. We are pleased to offer our patients the most advanced procedures available so that they take advantage of a pain-free, discreet and efficient hair transplant.

To learn more about Care4Hair, you can reach out to us today to schedule your initial consultation with our doctor. We will be happy to answer your questions, regardless of the possible causes of hair loss.


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