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Miami Hair Transplant with Neograft

Experience a lifelong hair transformation — Grow your natural hair with us!

Why Care4Hair?

Hello! Welcome to Care4Hair. Choose from our several hair loss treatment options. By using the latest technology and diagnosing the hair loss causes in both men and women, we treat the problem and produce results in line with your cosmetic goals. With advanced Miami hair transplant, Care4Hair employs the most innovative techniques and tools for hair restoration available today. By using NeoGraft, hair follicles are relocated into hair loss and balding areas yielding the most incredible results.

Miami hair transplant with Neograft allows patients to create seamlessly natural results hard to detect even by their hairstylists. This advanced method helps avoid the common problems associated with outdated hair transplant procedures. The grafts are artistically placed in a way that’s natural. Once these hair follicles are transplanted in the targeted areas, they will remain in place permanently.

Free Online Consultation

For out-of-town patients who would like to take advantage of our free evaluation, you can send us your photos, and our specialists will provide you with feedback like they would on your free preliminary hair loss evaluation. Local patients can also take advantage of this opportunity. Note: not all patients may qualify for this type of evaluation.

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High Tech Hair Transplant by Skilled Doctors

Our hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Valladares, is an accomplished Miami hair transplant professional. With decades of experience in the field of plastic surgery, her vision and artistry help her create fuller hairlines that will age naturally with both men and women patients. This procedure is useful even on patients that may experience future hair loss in areas not covered during the first automated hair transplant procedure.

Benefits of the Automated Hair Transplant

The NeoGraft hair transplant system can counteract hair loss through assisting the harvesting of hair follicles during FUE hair restoration. Unquestionably, NeoGraft is currently the leading tool used in the industry. Besides being a proven solution to genetic hair loss, this minimally invasive technology can deliver several impressive benefits:

  • Safety – Minimal Risks.
  • No scarring – No unsightly scars are left.
  • Superior results - Produces the most natural-looking results.

Hair Restoration Options We Offer

We offer several hair restoration options for patients suffering from hair loss:

Hairline Restoration

Through FUE hair transplant you can restore your hairline and regrow hair permanently.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

NeoGraft hair transplant can often restore your eyebrows to their natural thickness and beauty.

Facial Hair Transplant

It is possible to transplant scalp hair to facial areas that lack density such as the beard, moustache, goatee, sideburns, and upper cheeks.

Ethnic Hair Transplant

It involves techniques used to efficiently treat ethnic hair loss through hair transplant surgery.

Non-Surgical Treatments

We offer the latest non-surgical hair replacement solutions such as Capillus laser therapy designed exclusively for your individual needs.

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How Much a Miami Hair Transplant Cost?

The average Miami hair transplant cost typically ranges anywhere from $ 4,000 to $15,000 with an average cost per graft between $5-10. Several factors to consider when calculating the cost include:

  • Location
  • The type of procedure you choose
  • Surgeon’s skill
  • Amount of hair transplanted
  • Patient’s travel costs

Most centers charge by the graft, which is determined by the size of the area to be treated and level of hair loss. This approach works well since not every patient has the same level of hair loss and some patients may require more grafts than others. At Care4Hair we charge an average between $2.00 to $3.50 per graft.