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FUE hair transplant in Miami

At Care4Hair, we provide FUE hair transplant in Miami to clients who suffer from hair loss. We use the most advanced FUE technique and hair transplant methods in the field of hair restoration.

As a leading practice in FUE hair restoration, we are the best choice for your hair and aesthetic needs. Our surgeon has many years of experience performing FUE hair transplants.

We also have a friendly and experienced team of professionals who will do everything possible to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, and make sure you feel welcomed.

What is FUE hair transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the technique used to extract and harvest up to 4000 individual donor hair follicles during the hair transplant procedure. This advanced technique is performed by top hair transplant surgeons throughout the world. The FUE procedure is easy and cost effective since it allows for easier removal of follicular unit grafts.

During surgery, the surgeon will harvest sufficient follicular units according to the planned hair restoration. Hair follicles are transplanted into the thinning or bald area manually or with a machine called NeoGraft, while also creating a new hairline, which will eventually regrow. The process takes a few hours to a day, depending on how many sessions are required.

Best candidates for FUE hair transplant

While FUE hair restoration has increased in popularity over the last years, and more people are finding a permanent solution for hair loss, the reality is that not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. Some of the things surgeons take into consideration when determining who is a good candidate for FUE hair transplant in Miami include:

  • Age – While some people start losing their hair at a very young age, the ideal candidate for FUE hair transplant should be over 30 years of age. Younger patients are still suffering from hair loss, and it is difficult to determine how this type of hair loss will develop with age. Therefore, patients undergoing treatment at an early age may need additional sessions if hair loss continues.
  • Hair loss type – People suffering from a genetic condition commonly known as male or female pattern baldness are excellent candidates for FUE hair transplant in Miami. This condition only affects parts of the scalp; therefore, patients have more hair follicles available for transplant. However, patients suffering from unpatterned alopecia (DUPA) are not great candidates since they don’t have sufficient hair donors.
  • The severity of hair loss – Surgeons will assess hair loss in patients to determine whether they will make good candidates as well as how much healthy hair is available for transplantation. As long as there is a good supply of healthy hair, the procedure should be successful.
  • Overall health – This is also a crucial factor when determining who is a good candidate for this procedure. Patients must be in good health, eating healthy and exercising regularly. All these factors can boost the patient’s immune system and improve recovery time. If you are suffering from any long-term health condition, it is essential you let your surgeon know.
  • Hair type – All types of hair can be transplanted with the FUE hair transplant procedure. However, thicker hair can provide better coverage. Also, curly or wavy hair will cover better the bald spots. The best way to find out whether you are a good candidate is by seeking professional advice from Dr. Valladares at Care4Hair.

What happens during FUE hair transplant in Miami?

When patients undergo FUE hair transplant, their whole scalp is shaved beforehand. The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic. Surgeons take hair grafts one by one from the donor area and harvest hair evenly to reduce the chances of less density in the donor zone. The balding area is numbed by using various micro-incisions with a special micro-needle. The incisions are where the grafts are placed.

Patients may feel a bit sore after surgery, but they can return to normal activities in a few hours. It is natural for the operated areas to appear slightly pinker than the normal, but that’s only for a few days. Transplanted hair should fall out in a few weeks, but it will grow back as your healthy hair and become noticeable in about three months.

FUE hair transplant in Miami

FUE hair transplant results

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method yields permanent results. This advanced method helps restore hair growth by surgical implantation of single follicular units, achieving natural results. For optimal results, it is essential you have a skilled physician performing the procedure.

The training of your hair restoration surgeon is central to surgical outcomes. Surgeons without appropriate training should not perform this type of technique. At Care4Hair, you are in good hands. Dr. Valladares has over a decade of hair restoration experience.

FUE hair transplant before and after
FUE hair transplant before and after in miami
FUE hair transplant with neograft machine
man after a FUE hair transplant in miami with neograft

FUE hair transplant recovery (Side effects and Risks)

The procedure of FUE hair transplant is minimally invasive as long as a trained surgeon performs it. However, this is a medical procedure; therefore, it has some side effects. Some common side effects and risks of FUE hair restoration include:

  • Shedding of hair – Some people believe hair will grow back right after surgery, but that’s not the case. Shedding of hair is very common, but it will regrow after three months.
  • Risk of bleeding – A skilled surgeon will make sure the loss of blood is minimized. However, it is possible getting infected. People who suffer from blood-related diseases may run a higher risk of infections.
  • Painful experience – All surgeries involve a degree of discomfort and in some cases, an excruciating sense of pain. Your doctor may prescribe the use of sedatives or specific anesthesia as well as painkillers.
  • Itchy sensation – This is one of the most common symptoms, particularly in the area where transplantation takes place. Nevertheless, there are ways to treat the itching, including home remedies.
  • Scarring cells - Patients that undergo the FUE hair transplant procedure will have small scars, which will become less visible in a several weeks.
  • Formation of boils – This is very common in the majority of patients undergoing FUE hair transplant. However, the degree of swelling varies from each patient. Some patients may have swelling around the eyes while others at the forehead.
  • Cysts formation – Cysts can form when the hair follicles are not removed properly. However, it is very rare for them to increase in size, and in most cases, they will disappear in a few days.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the FUE method

Like with any surgical procedure, the FUE transplant method also has its advantages and disadvantages. But the good thing is that the advantages outnumber the disadvantages. FUE hair transplant has overcome many disadvantages that previous hair restoration methods had.

Advantages of FUE hair transplant:

  • It doesn’t require stiches or incisions
  • No linear scar in the donor zone
  • Dotted scars are less noticeable when compared to scars by other methods
  • Less bleeding
  • Faster recovery and less pain
  • It is possible to regrow hair on areas with scars
  • The surgeon can take out specific hair follicles

Disadvantages of FUE hair transplant:

  • The process can be slow and requiring the surgeon a lot of effort
  • Patients who wish to transplant a lot of grafts may require further sessions
  • It is more costly than traditional procedures
  • There are only a few surgeons who master the FUE technique
Neograft FUE before and after photo
Hair transplant fue technique

FUE hair transplant cost

Every FUE hair transplant clinic determines their fees. The cost is based on a variety of factors, including the quality of work and surgeon’s experience. Surgeons that master this technique typically obtain 500-1000 grafts in a session with an average cost of $5-11 per hair follicle graft. The FUE hair transplant cost per graft at Care4Hair range between $2.00 to $3.50. However, the price for this procedure can vary significantly from patient to patient.

FUE hair transplant FAQs

You will start shedding hair within the first few weeks after surgery. That doesn’t mean you lost the follicle itself. As long as the hair follicle is not damaged, hair will grow back. New hair should regrow within 3 months. The hair will be very fine at first but it will eventually get thicker and fuller with time. The majority of the new hairs will show in 5 to 6 months. However, hair will be thick and long in 10 months. The final results will be seen a year to 18 months after surgery.
During the first week of recovery, the patient suffers from mild pain, discomfort, and swelling, particularly in the donor zone. It is natural to feel anxious. Nonetheless, after the first few days, things will get better. You will begin seeing small and thin hairs on the scalp, which will shed off in a few days and be replaced by new hairs. It can be disappointing, but you must understand this is part of the hair restoration cycle. You must wait patiently for the new hairs to grow. Hair regrowth starts typically three months after the FUE hair transplant procedure.
Thanks to the skill of our experienced surgeon, Dr. Valladares, there is minimal scarring, which goes almost unnoticeable. Also, remember the scar in the donor zone is covered by hair. The FUE procedure should yield natural results; therefore, the restored hairline should not be visible to the outside world.
Infections are very rare and when they occur is due to the patient’s failure to follow instructions after surgery. Postoperative care is essential to a successful recovery. Even if infections occur, they can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you should tell your doctor at the time of your initial consultation. The doctor will obtain a detailed medical history and conduct various tests to determine if the patient is a good candidate for this procedure.
The amount of procedures required depends on the patient’s personal goals and degree of hair loss. Most patients like to have at least two procedures.
Yes. Unfortunately, nearly 20 million American women experience some degree of hair loss and thinning as they age, particularly during menopause. Consequently, the FUE hair restoration method has become increasingly popular among women.
Follicular units are extracted from the donor zone and then transplanted into the desired areas. Your body will reject someone else’s hair. Therefore, if you don’t have sufficient donor hair, FUE transplant may not be good for you.
Patients between 20 and 50 are considered good candidates. Nevertheless, every patient’s health and needs are different. Moreover, hair loss tends to worsen with age. Some patients may need to undergo further procedures in order to achieve optimal results.
Facial hair transplant surgery is also very popular, particularly eyebrow transplantation. We have performed this procedure on many of our patients and currently have many requests for eyebrow transplant surgery.
The Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery highlights in one of their publications that although the FUE extraction technique is different, the implantation is the same as FUT hair transplant. The main difference is that FUE hair transplant surgery requires less manual work and uses one of the most accurate technologies available.
We have performed more hair transplants than many other FUE hair transplant clinics in South Florida. Patients from various states and countries love coming to our FUE hair transplant clinic for their hair restoration and aesthetic needs. Our surgeons are licensed, and they have years of training experience in the plastic surgery field. They are also members of many professional associations.