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Eyebrow hair transplant Miami

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent facial features, vital to facial symmetry and beauty. Thick brows make men and women look very attractive. They are also a significant indicator of someone’s physiological age. People without natural-looking eyebrows or experiencing eyebrow hair loss try different ways to grow their eyebrows back. Unfortunately, many eyebrow hair loss treatments yield only temporary results.

Eyebrow replacement cosmetic surgery has become very popular in recent years due to the growing information and outstanding surgical outcomes. Eyebrow hair transplant Miami with NeoGraft is currently one of the quickest and most effective eyebrow replacement options yielding the most natural eyebrow results.

At Care4Hair, the eyebrow hair restoration consultation and eyebrow hair transplant procedure are performed personally by Dr. Valladares.

Ideal candidates for eyebrow hair transplant Miami

Most patients are good candidates for eyebrow hair transplant Miami. However, the ideal candidates are individuals with realistic expectations who have lost their eyebrows’ full and natural look and wished to restore it. Although the FUE eyebrow transplant procedure is safe and effective, a reasonable good medical condition is essential to minimize any risks or complications associated with the surgery.

Patients whose hair loss was caused by conditions such as alopecia areata and fibrosing alopecia may or may not be suitable candidates for Eyebrow hair transplant Miami since hair may not regrow. The best way to determine candidacy is by scheduling a consultation at Care4Hair.

Eyebrow restoration options

Hair loss can happen to anyone, and anywhere on the body. Even though there are countless medical treatments and growth products, like eyebrow hair loss solutions, serums, and supplements, which can be applied directly to the area, they typically yield temporary results. Depending on the patient’s needs and cosmetic goals, a more advanced option such as eyebrow hair transplant can produce better results.

Eyebrow plastic surgery involves carefully placing the transplanted hair in the areas where a fuller look is wanted. There are also other techniques and methods such as makeup, micropigmenttion (tattoos), which can also help the eyebrows appear fuller. However, these techniques are not as natural and effective as eyebrow replacement cosmetic surgery.

How many hair grafts are needed for eyebrow hair transplant?

Potential patients typically like to know how many grafts they will need for their eyebrow hair transplant Miami. A surgeon with experience in this type of procedure can better answer this question during the initial consultation. Although every case is different, there are some factors to consider when determining graft numbers such as the patient’s goals, current size and appearance of their eyebrows, and medical history. Some patients may need more grafts than others, and in some cases, the surgeon may suggest more than one eyebrow replacement cosmetic surgery.

Depending on whether the patient wants a large or small amount of eyebrow hair restoration, the standard eyebrow transplant procedure can involve transplanting around 50 to 400 hair grafts per eyebrow. Hair grafts usually have one or two hairs. An average of 200-400 grafts are needed for a smooth eyebrow, and 250 and 400 individual hairs to achieve the fuller and most natural looking results.

You consultation with Dr. Valladares

Eyebrow hair transplant needs to be performed by an experienced surgeon since it requires a unique skill to identify the natural bend of the hair. During your initial consultation, Dr. Valladares will explain the details of your eyebrow hair transplant. Patients should understand the benefits as well as limitations before undergoing this procedure. Some factors for discussion include scar tissue, hair coverage, and density. Patients can also ask follow-up questions by phone or e-mail.

Eyebrow hair transplant Miami with FUE technique

The first step in this procedure is designing the eyebrows. The surgeon will make sure the results are aesthetically pleasing to the eye while patients also provide their feedback. Oral sedation may be required and anesthesia is injected to minimize any sensation. Donor hairs are usually taken from the back of the head by using the FUE eyebrow transplant technique.

Depending on several factors, such as the patient’s aesthetic goals and background, the surgeon will determine which method is more suitable. In some cases, hair may also be removed from lower down in the back of the head since the hair is more delicate in this area. The grafts are then placed into the recipient sites and checked several hours after. Once the patient and surgeon are happy with the results, the patient can leave the clinic and begin the recovery process.

What to expect after eyebrow the hair transplant procedure?

Following the eyebrow hair transplant, patients may experience some bruising and swelling around the eyes and other side effects. They will also see improvement in the shape and thickness of their eyebrows immediately after the procedure. It is natural for the grafted hair to fall out in a few weeks and new hair to grow. This is part of the natural healing process. The finished results are seen approximately 4-6 months to a year after. Patients can trim and style their new brows as usual and follow the surgeon’s advice on how to maintain them.

Risks and side effects of eyebrow hair transplant

The eyebrow hair transplant procedure has similar risks and side effects to other surgeries. Some of the most common risks may include swelling, pinkness, some tenderness, graft failure, improper orientation of the transplanted hair, damage to existing brow hairs, in-grown hairs, poor eyebrow hair growth, and the transplanted hair not matching the color and texture of the natural brow hairs. Itching is also possible while the eyebrow heals. In some cases, patients may benefit from a second procedure a year after the initial one. A second procedure can help achieve better density.

Eyebrow hair transplant cost in Miami

The eyebrow thickening procedure is charged by the graft; therefore, the eyebrow hair transplant cost is based on the number of grafts needed. Patients commonly need 30-300 follicular unit grafts per eyebrow. The minimum cost of eyebrow hair restoration is $1,800.00 but the price can vary widely between clinics across the United States. At Care4Hair we typically charge between $2.00 to $3.50 per graft.

Eyebrow hair transplant FAQs

The length of this procedure depends on how many hairs are being transplanted. The transplantation can take up to four hours with half of this time used to harvest the follicles, and the other half to implant the hair.
A local anesthetic is administered before surgery. Anesthesia helps numb any pain or discomfort the procedure may cause.
Eyebrow restoration surgery is a very safe procedure. Although infections are possible, they are very occasional. Swelling around the eyes can last for two days. There is also pain or discomfort caused by regional anesthesia. Nevertheless, the procedure itself is pain-free.
Patients experiencing partial hair loss can obtain donor hair from one of the eyebrows. In some cases, surgeons obtain hair from behind the ears and upper thighs. However, scalp hair has a more extended growth cycle. We suggest you consult your surgeon first since this is a decision that you typically make together.
Most patients bring photographs of models that have the shape they desire. It can help the surgeon understand what the patient’s cosmetic goals are and determine whether they are realistic or not. If the patient is unsure, a brow specialist can find the perfect eyebrow shape for the patient’s face shape.
Unfortunately, some surgeons place the eyebrow too high, making patients look in constant surprise. Most people prefer a lower position since it looks more natural. According to a survey by the Oxford Aesthetic Surgery Journal: “. . . placement of the eyebrow in a lower position . . . may actually result in an eyebrow that is more attractive . . .” The most important aspect to consider is the face shape and that the eyebrows are done in proportion to your eyes. Remember the position of your brows can make or break your entire face. Your surgeon should create brows that naturally reflect and enhance your face.
Only every 3rd and 4th hair are taken from the donor site so the patient should not have a bald spot. Even if there is a small reduction in density, it is not normally noticeable.
Most patients return to work three days after the procedure. However, some patients prefer waiting five to seven days to ensure a full recovery.
As long as the patient takes good care of the eyebrow hair transplant, and no future conditions destroy new hairs, the brow transplants should be permanent.
Recovery for this procedure can take five to seven days. Patients will see small crusts around the hair during the first week, which will leave pink spots but it will eventually fade over the next few weeks. During the first few days of recovery, patients should protect their eyebrows from excessive sunlight.