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Scalp micropigmentation

Not everyone is that lucky to have a full head of hair. Whether due to the effects of aging, the wrong hair products, pregnancy, stress, or unlucky genes, your hair can be damaged rather quickly. But there is a subtle way to make your hair appear thicker than it is.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) will effectively replicate the appearance of a plentiful head of hair. This non-surgical procedure’s artistic nature can disguise the worse hair loss situation by tattooing the scalp.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is an advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation that uses a series of tiny dots tattooed onto the scalp in between hairs. This stand-alone procedure can produce results that last. With scalp micropigmentation, your receding hairline will look more youthful as an undetectable illusion of thicker and stronger hair is created. Areas of the scalp uncovered during hair thinning, scarring, or skin conditions can be covered up.

How does scalp micropigmentation work?

A licensed specialist must administer scalp micropigmentation. First, the practitioner will apply pigments with a variety of needle sizes, colors, depths, and angles. The pigments are distributed throughout the scalp as to create a design that resembles natural hair like a closely cropped haircut. We use an advanced technique and tested pigments to create the most pleasing results for our patients. The needles will not penetrate more than they should, and it will beautifully mimic short hairs of a scalp that is closely shaved.

What can SMP do for you?

This procedure has multiple benefits, especially for patients who are not good candidates for hair transplant and are ok with keeping their hair short. Among the many benefits of micropigmentation for hair loss we have:

  • Thicker-looking hair for patients suffering from conditions such as alopecia totalis, alopecia areata, and some other scarring alopecias.
  • Excellent camouflage for patients who had scalp reductions or disfiguring scars after hair transplant surgery, especially those who would like a shorter haircut and feel limited due to scars from hair restoration surgery.
  • Women with diffused thinning hair who are not good candidates for hair transplantation may also benefit from this procedure.
  • It helps hide patches of the scalp visible through the hair.
  • Restore front hairline for patients going bold, whether fully or partially.

Good candidates for scalp micropigmentation

  • Individuals that want the appearance of a full head of hair
  • Patients that wish for a more defined hairline
  • Patients suffering from hair loss or with alopecia
  • Those who wish to disguise burns, scars or any birthmarks
  • Patients that may not qualify for hair transplant surgery

Some limitations of SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

  • Potential and gradual change in the color of the pigment.
  • The color will fade over time and become lighter especially when exposed to the sun.
  • Bleeding of pigment depending on the technique used.
  • Graying of the hair as the patient ages, so patients are advised to keep their hair short.

Scalp micropigmentation side effects

Every procedure performed on the body carries some risks. Thankfully, no severe scalp micropigmentation side effects have been reported. Some potential issues you should be aware of include:

  • Allergies – It’s possible that some patients are allergic to tattoo ink when applied to the skin, depending on the colorants used during the procedure.
  • Heavy metals – Facilities that use low-quality ink may have heavy metals. However, this is only an issue when the ink’s quality is not optimal.
  • Needle safety – The needles should be sterilized before use and safety measures should be carefully followed. If you notice that the facility you are considering lacks reputation, you should seek treatment somewhere else.

Your scalp micropigmentation consultation

Whether face to face, via phone, Skype, or email with supporting photos, it’s crucial you talk to someone before the first scalp micropigmentation Florida session. If meeting face to face is not possible for you, you should try one of the methods mentioned above. Some things need to be established during the initial consultation. This is your chance to learn everything about the process and to determine whether or not this procedure is a good option for you. This is an important decision that will affect you in the long term. Some questions you can ask include:

  • Who will administer the treatment?
  • How much experience the person has.
  • Whether they perform permanent or temporary scalp micropigmentation
  • Pigments that will be used.
  • How many sessions are required?
  • Are the results reliable?

Scalp micropigmentation cost

The average cost of scalp micropigmentation is $4,200 with prices ranging from $1,800 to $6,500. It’s vital that patients get a personalized estimate as these costs may not reflect your particular case. The cost is based on the areas the patient wants to cover. In general, patients need about three sessions to achieve maximum results.