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Do Hair Transplants Leave Scars?

The technology around hair transplants has come a very long way since hair plugs. Today, new techniques and technologies have made hair transplant surgery more painless and comfortable than it’s ever been. They have also produced stunning and increasingly more natural-looking results. Nevertheless, like any surgery, hair transplants involve skin incisions, and these tend to […]

Eyebrow Restoration

Many people might think that the best or even only way to restore your eyebrows is with make-up or permanent tattoos. While both of these options can help you define your eyebrows and provide you with eyebrows that look somewhat real, many men and women still say that the effect is not very convincing. Luckily, […]

Does hair transplant hurt?

A very paradoxical phenomenon that many patients go through after getting hair transplants is “shock hair loss.” This is a sudden loss of hair following a surgical procedure. The causes are not well-understood, but many factors have been pointed out, such as scalp tissue inflammation and blood supply disruptions during surgery. Shock hair loss can […]