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Hair Transplant Benefits

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Hair transplantation surgery has emerged as one of the safest and most advanced methods in the history of hair restoration. After so many years of technological advancements, one can only expect the best to come out from the hair replacement industry. Both men and women can develop thinning hair over time, which may require hair restoration to treat.

This article will highlight some hair transplant benefits. After you explore a few hair transplant benefits, you will understand your options better and whether to proceed further to book your initial consultation with us. Your newly transplanted hair will feel like your own growing hair, which you can lastingly enjoy.

Why Hair Transplantation?


When making a decision about which medical hair restoration option to pick, we recommend our patients of several reasons why to consider hair transplantation:

  • Permanent results – This one of the most reliable options for restoring hair as the healthy hair follicles are transplanted to areas of the scalp where hair is thin or going bald. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one and relocated in the recipient area so that it looks like the previous hair and it will continue growing.
  • Natural results – Hair transplant is performed by our skillful surgeons using next-generation hair restoration methods. The new hair will complement the preexisting hair, yielding the most natural results. This method creates an undetectable transition as silky and soft as natural hair.
  • Simple outpatient procedure – You can undergo hair restoration surgery and go home on the same day. There is minimal downtime, and you can return to work soon after.
  • The techniques used for hair restoration have advanced significantly. Follicular unit extraction (FUE), for example, extracts and transplants single hairs in the targeted areas. Only tiny dots are seen on the back of the head, which can be disguised with scalp micropigmentation. FUT, on the other hand, is a more aggressive procedure that leaves a linear scar because, during surgery, a strip of skin is removed from the back of the head and transplanted to the designated area.
  • You get to have hair that’s manageable and looks completely natural. Transplanted hair can be combed just like your natural hair. It’s not required to use any special shampoos or chemicals to keep the results. Nevertheless, procedures such as Capillus laser therapy can help accelerate the healing process and prevent further hair loss.
  • Some of our patients report experiencing a confidence boost. No difficult to handle the newly transplanted hair. You can color it, and style it as you wish.

The Hair Transplant Process at Care4Hair


The hair transplant procedure at Care4Hair in Miami goes as follows:

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Local anesthetic is applied to the area (shaving the head is unnecessary with all methods).
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Follicle Extraction

Our doctor will remove follicles from the donor area using a fine-tipped tool.
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Graft Implantation

Follicles are loaded into a pen-shaped tool, formally known as the Choi Implanter Pen, and implanted directly into the recipient area.
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Clean & Bandage

The Care4Hair team will then apply antibiotic cream and bandages to all affected areas for recovery.

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Natural Hair Transplant Results


Unlike wigs, which don’t match your natural hair, your hair transplant results will look very natural because this is your own hair that was transplanted to a new spot. We highly suggest you find a surgeon with training and experience in hair restoration. Our surgeons will create a hairline that’s difficult to differentiate between your natural and transplanted hair.

  • Most people have plenty of lifetime hairs, which can be transplanted to the right spots. Even patients suffering from acute hair loss in the donor sites, particularly the back of the head, may qualify for a hair transplant with some limitations.
  • This is a simple outpatient procedure that requires no more than a day.
  • While the procedure is not that complex, it requires artistry and skill to create a natural-looking hairline that matches your face features and age, also using the right hair textures and targeted areas.

Hair Transplant Success Rate


The results from hair restoration surgery are permanent. Transplanted hairs are resistant to a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Therefore, hair relocated is not likely to result in a fall out in the future. Every case is unique, and every patient may be experiencing hair loss differently. This is so far one of the only hair loss solutions yielding permanent results. You can regrow your own hair and restore a youthful look that will be yours to enjoy permanently.