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NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami

Hair loss has become a growing problem among men and women of all ages. Those suffering from this condition try to remedy the situation by seeking temporary solutions that may not yield permanent results.

The best approach to hair loss is hiring an expert at NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami. NeoGraft hair transplant is currently the safest and best hair transplant technology available out there.

You can get good NeoGraft results when you choose a skillful doctor such as Dr. Valladares at Care4Hair. .

How does NeoGraft hair transplant work?

NeoGraft hair transplant is a quick and effective procedure that yields natural-looking results. Every person suffering from hair loss deserves a discreet option that will allow them to get back to their daily life as quickly as possible.

Patients that have undergone NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami at Care4Hair feel confident with the results they get. This procedure consists of a series of steps:

  • Hair follicles are carefully extracted from the donor area on the back of the head, which is the perfect spot since this area is not affected by hair loss. Patients should not notice that hair has been taken once the area is completely healed.
  • After the hair follicles have been collected, they are separated accordingly by size to achieve a more natural look.
  • Hair follicles are then placed in a natural-looking pattern, which is the same artistic transplant plan the surgeon had designed for the patient.
  • Finally, the recovery process. Patients can resume all normal activities in just a few days after the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure. The transplanted hair is safely rooted in 7-10 days and hair will grow back naturally in the donor area.
NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami
NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami

What happens during your initial consultation with a qualified NeoGraft doctor?

Men and women interested in NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami at Care4Hair can rely on Dr. Valladares for a more attractive and natural look. During the initial consultation, he will make sure you understand your options. He will address any questions or concerns you may have and complete a physical assessment as well as obtain your medical history.

Based on this information and her experience, she will recommend the most suitable approach. Your initial consultation is an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure or Dr. Valladares’s qualifications. She has a track record of satisfied patients and over ten years of experience with an extensive understanding of the latest and most advanced hair transplant techniques.

How many FUE grafts will you need?

Your doctor will determine the number of hair grafts you need after your initial consultation and the evaluation. The donor and recipient area must be carefully evaluated for the surgeon to determine the number of grafts you need as well as the best approach to your particular situation. The number of grafts required depends on the grade of baldness, head size, and hair characteristics. For the advanced FUE hair transplant, you will need approximately 1400 to 1600 grafts. Each graft has 1 to 4 hair follicles with an average of 2 follicles per graft.

An average patient has about 6000 grafts available in the donor area, and the average balding area is 200 cm2. Therefore, the average patient has enough hair to create the appearance of fullness. Nevertheless, some patients obtain better results than others, depending on the availability of donor hair. We encourage you to consult your doctor first. Some patients may not have enough donor hair, and in some specific cases, the patient may not be a good candidate for this procedure.

Neograft hair transplant miami before after
hair transplant before and after miami
neograft results before and after photo
hairline restoration before and after

How to prepare for a NeoGraft procedure?

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will determine which hair restoration procedure is the most suitable for you. Once your doctor determines that NeoGraft hair transplant is the best option, you will prepare for treatment. Before the procedure, you may discontinue some medications as well as herbal supplements as instructed by your doctor.

In general, a NeoGraft hair transplant surgery takes approximately 3-8 hours. It is essential you wear comfortable clothes during the entire procedure. Also, you should arrange for a ride to and from Care4Hair and make sure you get there on time. It is natural for some patients to feel a slight discomfort after the NeoGraft hair transplant surgery; therefore, having someone with you can be useful and convenient.

The day of your NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami

At Care4Hair we do everything possible to make you feel comfortable on the day of your Neograft hair transplant surgery. Your vital signs are checked to confirm that you are ready for the procedure. A portion of the donor area is carefully shaved to allow the automated hair transplant machine easy access to hair follicles.

Then the site is disinfected, and the patient is administered a local anesthetic to ensure the procedure is pain-free. Once the scalp is prepared, the patient will lay face down, and our certified automated hair transplant technician will extract the healthiest hair follicles in groups of one to four. The NeoGraft machine extracts the hair gently removing 600 units per hour. Patients are fully awake during the procedure, and they have a break after extraction to go to the restroom, stretch their legs, or relax.

Once the surgeon collects sufficient follicular units, the patient sits comfortably, and the area where the units will be placed is numbed. For a more natural look, hair follicles are placed in the best possible location. All harvested follicles are carefully transplanted. Patients are fully awake during graft placement as well so they can communicate with the surgeon and use their cellphones.

What happens after the NeoGraft procedure is performed?

After the automated hair transplant, the follicles need to rest and some time to regrow. The hair in the donor area grows back within 7 to 10 days, and the transplanted hair follicles will be rooted in the scalp during that time. Most people get back to their daily routine right away.

There is typically little to no pain associated with this procedure. The outside world should not notice any visible signs of surgery a week after surgery. It is important you follow all postoperative instructions and take pain medications as instructed by your surgeon. We always encourage our patients to arrange for a ride home.

Benefits of the NeoGraft hair transplant

Neograft is the most advanced hair transplant technique. Therefore, the advantages are many. This tool was developed to provide physicians with a more natural and hand-fitting tool. The method is very accurate, and the benefits go far beyond the tool itself. Some usual benefits include:

  • A less evasive non-surgical procedure – Since there are less nerve and blood vessel damages, patients can undergo this procedure quicker than all other procedures. It is also the best hair transplant without scar and with less discomfort.
  • Swifter recovery - NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami at Care4Hair is a less invasive procedure, which allows for a quicker recovery and faster healing process. Patients can resume regular activities quicker. There should be significant hair growth in the transplanted area only 12 weeks after the procedure. Some patients return to work right away, and may also start working out within a week.
  • A natural look – The NeoGraft automated FUE device can be calibrated to match the depth of the hair follicles harvested. With other tools, the site tends to heal with scars or visible white dots. Patients can cut, and style their hair as usual and there will be no evidence of the transplant.
  • Neograft results – The NeoGraft hair transplant procedure yields more successful results and the process can be customized for each patient. Patients have two times the amount of hair follicles transplanted than other traditional techniques. The higher the transfer rates the more hair volume can be achieved.
  • Anybody may be a good candidate for this procedure – Although this procedure is more popular among men, women can also suffer from hair loss. In fact, 40% of women in the United States are impacted by hair loss. Men tend to have different patterns of baldness mainly caused by stress, disease, and medications. Women have diffused thinning in the scalp, a condition known as alopecia. Ultimately, anybody can benefit from this procedure.

NeoGraft results

hair transplant fue technique
hairline restoration in Miami
neograft hair transplant before and after picture
neograft before and after

Patients with thick donor hair and realistic expectations achieve the best results. About 20 percent of the hair tends to grow after two or four months, and 60 to 10 percent will grow by the eighth month. Hair should be fully grown within ten months after surgery. Although the final hair density can vary from one patient to the other, the results of the NeoGraft automated FUE are permanent.

It is important to know that the implanted hair follicles will grow and shed after several weeks, which is natural. Patients can expect the new hair to grow normally after that. The results should be natural-looking, durable, and healthy. However, patients should see full results within a year.

Cost of NeoGraft hair transplant in Miami

Although the cost of NeoGraft hair transplant can vary from patient to patient, we charge between $2.00 to $3.50 per graft. The average price for this procedure elsewhere is $5 per graft.

Neograft FAQs

Healthy patients with moderate hair loss and sufficient donor hair are good candidates for this procedure. They can expect fuller results depending on the availability of donor hair. NeoGraft doctors know how to assess the area to achieve the desired look.
While the number of automated hair transplant operations in the United States and worldwide has increased significantly, there is still a misconception that cosmetic surgery is for older people. According to the Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery: “The clinical onset of baldness in both men and women is generally around the age of 30 to 40 years.”

It’s hard to identify what type of balding patterns younger patients will experience in the future. Also, donor hair is limited. Therefore, patients who receive a hair transplant at a very early age and experience hair loss after may not have sufficient donor hair when undergoing additional operations. Many surgeons prefer their patients wait until they are close to 30 years old to get a hair transplant.

Yes. This hair restoration procedure is suitable for hair loss in both men and women. It is a minimally-invasive procedure and highly efficient therefore anyone looking to restore their hair can take advantage of this successful technique.
New hair should grow within 3-4 months of shedding, and it will continue growing normally after that. The transplanted hair grows cyclically, and it stays in place for about three weeks before shedding. This cycle is part the natural hair growth process.
It is not guaranteed that hair loss will stop after the procedure is completed. Some patients may need further sessions in order to achieve optimal results. One of the most common causes of hair loss, particularly in men, is pattern baldness. Hair loss may also increase with age and it will require more transplants. The number of procedures needed as well as an estimate of your balding pattern is something your doctor will determine during your initial consultation.
The NeoGraft automated FUE is considered a minor procedure. No complications are involved. Your surgeon can handle any slight complications.
While recovery is fast, most patients take off anywhere from a few days to a week after the NeoGraft automated FUE procedure. The donor zone will appear fully healed in about ten days.
NeoGraft allows the surgeon to harvest hair follicles with more accuracy and precision than other manual FUE techniques. Patients can reach their cosmetic goals in less time, and with fewer procedures. If you are considering a Neograft hair transplant in Miami, don't hesitate to give us a call or schedule a consultation today.